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The Crazy Book Lady's Cats

The Crazy Book Lady has always been a lover of all animals, great and small. She is particularly fond of rescuing black cats, who, through no fault of their own, have gotten a really bad rap throughout history. Our logo even features a black cat on a pile of books. We almost always have a book store cat to keep us, and our guests company.



Morty is our resident Bookstore Cat. He does not like to be held, but he will usually let you pet him. If he's enjoying pets, if you sit on the floor, he may even hop into your lap. (don't force him)


Tinkerbell (Tink)

From August 2018 to March 2019, Tinkerbell, a.k.a Tink, was our Bookstore Cat. Despite her grumpy appearance, she was a kind cat who liked to be petted and was tolerant of being an Instagram model. She was 16-years-old when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge and now she watches over the store.



The Crazy Book Lady loves all of her kitties, but Podrick gave back more love and affection than any kitty before or since. Podrick enriched the lives of everyone he met. He always wanted to watch or be involved in what we were doing.  He was the inspiration for our store logo. Unfortunately, our time with Podrick was not as long as we would have hoped. He is certainly giving all of his love to Tink.


The Panthers

Podrick and Morty were best friends. When Podrick left, Morty got very depressed and couldn't get along with our other cats. So that's why he's now our Bookstore cat.

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